Raina Vasileva part of the spectacle Ludo Mlado of Dessy Dobreva

The spectacle “Ludo Mlado” by Dessy Dobreva took place on June 22 in Varna, Bulgaria. The event started in complete darkness in the hall to see the surprise, conceived and prepared for the Varna audience, by Dessy, namely the unique dances of the gymnasts, by the dance troupe of Neshka Robeva, dressed in specially made luminous costumes for the show.

The hall was crowded and the audience was amazed by Dessy’s ethereal and gentle voice, the exceptional band and the grace in the dancers’ movements.
The band’s musicians were dressed in black and the three backing vocalists in white.
Dessy had prepared more than ten different outfits, each tailor-made for the event and selected in

The music program was extremely diverse. It included Bulgarian folk songs from the Rhodope, Pirin, Shopska region, songs from Serbia, Bulgarian pop songs and people from different regions of Bulgaria.

Many guest musicians took part in the performance, some of whom are: Mihail Yosifov – trumpet, Dimitar Semov – drums, Dimitar Liolev – saxophone, Dobri Rahnev – bagpipe, Neno Iliev – accordion and vocals, Rayna Vasileva – backing vocals, Elena Sirakova – back vocals, Hristina Neykova – backing vocals and others.

You can learn more about the event from the interview of Dessy Dobreva, here.