Outhentic at Kino Kabana

On the 24th of July 2022 Outhentic had a memorable concert at Kino Kabana in Sofia. The band hasn’t played a lot lately, because of the pandemic, but now all band’s fans had the great opportunity to again feel the emotion of the Bulgarian folklore mixed with different musical styles.

Photo credit: Martin Midolesov

Kino Kabana was full with amazing people with such a great energy and desire to enjoy the music of the band.
At the concert the band performed a familiar compositions from their first and second album, but also a completely new composition called “Gyul Devoyka” and surprised the audience with a completely new acoustic sound.

At the concert the band performed as a quintet:

Zhivko Vasilev (kaval)
Rayna Vasileva (Vocal)
Borislav Iliev (Guitar)
Stoil Ivanov (Tupan)
Mihail Ivanov (Double Bass)

Rayna Vasileva part of the Australian David Dower jazz trio’s second album

On the 4th and 5th of July 2022, the recordings of the second album of the Australian jazz trio took place.

Photo made during the recording at “Pekarnata Recording Studio”, Sofia, Bulgaria

Rayna’s voice is included in two of the David’s compositons from the album. The compositions express the love David feel about Bulgarian folk music and show how Bulgaria inspires him to create a beautiful music. The lyrics of the songs are written by Mariana Vassileva. There are also other Bulgarian musicians and singers who take part in the album: Zhivko Vasilev (kaval), Pirina Hristova (vocal), Gabriela Milanova (vocal) and Vesela Morova (vocal). The album will be realeased later this year.

More details about David’s upcoming new album, here: David Dower – Official Website