Live Private lessons

If you are interested in learning Bulgarian folk singing, Pop  and Jazz singing, Piano or Music theory and  think you got a talent, you’re at the right place.

If you are living in Sofia, Bulgaria, live private lessons are available!

Online Private Lessons

If you are living in another city or country, do not worry!

Online lessons are available!


Bulgarian Folk singing

Pop and Jazz singing

Music Theory


There are two options for lessons:

– 40 minutes long
– 30 minutes long

The free trial lesson is online and it is about 20 minutes. The main idea is to meet and make it easier for you to decide whether you want to take private lessons. We can use platforms as Zoom, Skype, etc.

The live lessons take place at the “Iskar House of Culture”.

Adress: Krastyu Pastuhov Blvd., 23, Sofia, Bulgaria

The online lessons can take place from Monday to Friday between 9:00am – 12pm CET. 

The live lessons can take place from Monday to Friday between 15:00pm and 19:00pm CET.

You can take maximum two lessons a week.
At the beginning I recommend to start with one lesson a week.

If you want to learn more about the prices and conditions, please contact me here.

Piano and Music theory:
The minimal age your child should be at is 5 years old. Before that it’s hard for the child to concentrate and to work for achieving our goals. There is no maximum age. You can learn at every other age and enjoy lessons.

The minimal age your child should be at is 7 years old. Before that I recommend the child to sing in vocal groups. This is more appropriate activity for his/her age and also help him/her socialize. Before reaching this age it’s hard for the child to understand the specifics in singing process and work to achieve our goals. There is no maximum age for learning to sing.

! In case your child should be prepared for applying in musical school, he/she can start to take lessons earlier.

The private lessons with me are flexible and fully tailored to your knowledge, desires and goals. I prepare your own program according to your needs and desires. The main purpose is to learn fast and easily and also to enjoy our lessons.


"My name is Radoslava Kuzmanova, 38 years old and I am the parent of Viliana Stoyanova - the 7 year old piano student of Mrs. Rayna Vasileva. With this recommendation, I would like to share that during the piano lessons Mrs. Vasileva showed high professional qualities both as a musician and pianist, and as a teacher. The piano lessons are purposeful and attentive to my daughter's abilities and needs. After only a few lessons, the progress in my daughter's knowledge and skills is clearly noticeable. Mrs. Vasileva applies an interactive approach in the preparation and conduct of her lessons, which leads not only to an increase in the knowledge and skills of her students, but also to an increase in their motivation to develop their qualities. I recommend Mrs. Vasileva as a highly qualified piano teacher with a universal pedagogical approach. If you trust Mrs. Vasileva, you or your child will achieve wonderful results!"

"My name is Natali Snorrason. I have known Rayna Vasileva for more than 10 years, during which I have had many opportunities to observe her work as a musician-performer and teacher. In the last three years, she has often shown and explained to me the specifics of vocal mastery, especially in the style of pop and jazz singing, and in the last year I have been officially attending her lessons. She is a friendly, patient, dedicated and tactful teacher who never stops improving herself and her students. Our lessons together are like an expedition - always in search of different ways to achieve your own sound and freedom in singing through the necessary body position, resonator cavities, amount of air and positive mental attitude. I am happy to recommend Rayna Vasileva as a vocal pedagogue due to her warm assertiveness, determination, positivity and love for her work."

"My name is Petra Kurteva and I am 19 year old. I have been taking piano lessons with Rayna for about 3 years and I highly recommend her as a teacher. All lessons are fully tailored to my free time, interests and pace of development. Our lessons take place both live and online, and the time passes imperceptibly. Besides piano skills, I dare say I learned a lot more than that thanks to her tuition. She is a very patient and dedicated teacher and knows how to teach in a way that sustains the desire of the students."

"My name is Kalina Georgieva, 35 year old. Rayna Vasileva has been teaching me singing for about half a year. She is a very dedicated teacher. During a lesson, she puts all her attention on me and with her help I progress quickly. She shows me many exercises and manages to find the most accurate exercise so that I can feel how the breathing happens correctly. First we talk for a few minutes so I can relax as I'm nervous about singing. Then we start working on a pre-selected song and go back as many times as necessary to elements that are difficult for me. We do posture and breathing exercises. I think that Raina is a good teacher, because being her student I progress. It has a very rich set of exercises and manages to choose the most useful at the particular moment. She has great patience and is flexible in her approach according to her student's needs."

"My name is Philippa Ivanova, 39 year old. Rayna teaches my 10 year old daughter Mihaela Ivanova, two years already and she enjoys her company a lot. She is always smiling and radiant. Her teaching is fun and easy game. At least that's what it looks like from the outside, but my kid sure is having fun. During the lesson, she always predisposes, asks what was difficult and if there are any concerns. It helps the proper development in the musical expression. She is interested in the music that children like. Together with the child sings and gives directions for the correct posture and voice. Hold of preparation at home. I personally like that she is also a pianist and such supports children musically. Yes, she is definitely a wonderful teacher and I always recommend her. The approach to children, the radiant appearance and the knowledge with which she helps young people grow are the reasons why I trusted her and would recommend her to everyone."

"My name is Anna Gudeva. Our daughter Yoanna Gudeva is 5 year old and has been a piano student of Mrs. Rayna Vasileva for more than a year. Mrs Vasileva is very kind, attentive and explains slowly and calmly, always encouraging her when she does well. She provides the information step by step, according to the individual progress of the child and takes into account the temperament of each student individually. We would be happy to recommend Mrs. Rayna Vasileva as a good teacher, as she is an amazing professionalist and always takes in mind the current state of the children during the lesson. Mrs. Rayna Vasileva is one of the few educators nowadays that we have come across as parents who really love working with children and this is felt in the attitude and behavior of the children who willingly visit her. We wish her much success!"

"My name is Georgi Angelov. Rayna Vasileva has been teaching piano to my daughter Tony Angelova since 2021. When we started the lessons, Tony was almost 7 year old, had never played the piano and had no knowledge of music theory. My daughter liked the good attitude and the way the lessons were conducted and she goes to every activity with pleasure. In my opinion, in about a year Tony has made a lot of progress: she can read the notes of the practiced tunes and play them correctly on the piano. We have very good impressions of Rayna. Outside of the lessons, she took out of her free time to help us evaluate the piano we wanted to buy for Tony. She drew our attention to the correct posture of the child. She is a very positive and radiant person. I absolutely recommend Rayna Vasileva to everyone."

"My name is Denitsa Vladimirova and I am the parent of Katerina Kumova, who is 9 year old. She has been taking piano and music theory lessons with Rayna for about 2 months. My impressions of Rayna are through my daughter, who has liked her since the first lesson. I think she is careful with children and has an approach to them. The lessons are practical and theoretical. Homework tasks are set. I would recommend her because of her musical and teaching skills."

"My name is Kiril Mishev and I am 21 year old. Mrs. Rayna Vasileva has been teaching me piano for almost two years now. I take both live and online lessons. She is a very attentive and calm teacher. She is always ready to repeat something as many times as I need to understand it. She is also interested in my needs and only teaches me the things we have talked about that are interesting to me. A lesson with her is very easy and pleasant. Whenever I need help with something specific, she is ready to help. I would recommend Mrs. Rayna Vasileva to anyone who wants to start playing the piano or wants to improve their skills, with the help of a very good, calm and attentive teacher."

"My name is Denitsa Tsanova and I am 8 years old. I met Mrs. Vasileva a year and a half ago, she teaches me piano. She is a very good and kind teacher. She teaches children in a very fun way. That way I learn easier and faster. The lessons are going well. I recommend her because it is really fun with her and you can learn a lot.”

My name is Katya Ivanova and I'm the parent of Denitsa Tsanova. I am really grateful that I was able to meet Deny with Mrs. Vasileva. With her radiant smile and approach to the child, she managed to rekindle her interest in the piano. She is responsive, helping Deny with her personal "musical projects". She is devoted to music, loves children and the combination of these two qualities leads to impatient anticipation of the next piano lesson and meeting "the piano teacher". We highly recommend her.”

My name is Sanya Badeva. My daughter Annie is 7 years old. She started attending piano lessons with Mrs. Rayna Vasileva at the age of 5. My daughter describes Rayna this way: "Rayna is good, kind and attentive. She is a pleasure to study with. She is patient and cheerful. We learn and write notes, practice correct posture and play. She gives me homework and at the next lesson we check it together." Rayna is a good teacher. She is subtle, radiant, patient, calm and smiling. My daughter attends her lessons willingly.